Children are accepted regardless of race, religion, or creed. Special consideration will be given to siblings of Oakridge Montessori students.

Students will be considered enrolled when:

  • The registration forms are completely filled out
  • Payment of the registration fee is received
  • A copy of an up-to-date immunization record is received
  • An interview with the teacher has been completed

Is my child ready?

Children are usually accepted for admission between the ages of 2 years 10 months old and 5 years old.

Basic requirements for all classes are that your child is:

  • Toilet-trained
  • Sufficiently mature as not to be a disruptive factor in the classroom
  • Able to accept separation from home

The admissions procedure at Oakridge Montessori is designed to give parents an opportunity to learn about our school, its philosophy and policies, and to meet our faculty. It also gives us an opportunity to assess each child’s situation and determine whether we are able to meet the needs and expectations of the parents. Our goal is to enroll families who will both benefit from and contribute to the school community.

Waiting List

If your child has been accepted and a space is not immediately available, your child may be placed on our waiting list (completed application and deposit cheque must be on file).

Once a space becomes available, we will notify you of the opening, and acceptance must be confirmed within 5 business days at which time your deposit cheque will be cashed. If acknowledgement is not received within the 5 days, we will offer the space to the next applicant on the waiting list.